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50 Jahre Rudi Hütte

History & Tradition - Rifugio Rudi


1965 the first cable car from Bagni di Moso/Bad Moos to the Croda Rossa/Rotwand was built.

1966 On January 6 the cable car was put into operation for the first time.

1966 At the end of January Rudi Egarter started to operate the little alpine cabin, which had been built by his father and grandfather, together with his mother Anna.
In winter there was no electricity, the water had to be transported with the cable car to the alpine cabin at 1,950m height.

1968 the Rifugio Rudi was built. The building materials had all to be transported by cable car.

Rudi Hütte - Rifugio 1966Rudi Hütte - Rifugio 1968The old cable car

1976 Rudi Egarter married Flora Oberhollenzer.

1978 their first daughter, Christine, was born.

1981 their son Andreas was born.

1990 Their third child, Steffi, first saw the light of the day.

Rudi und das Sextner TrioFamiy EgarterMaking music

1979 the first reconstruction was effected. Building materials could now be transported by truck to the Croda Rossa/Rotwand.

1983 The former cable car was replaced by a chair lift.

1993 As on the chair lift the guests were exposed to rain and snow, it was replaced by today’s cable car, which contributed a lot to the Croda Rossa/Rotwand´s upswing.

2000 Next to the Rifugio Rudi the smaller bistro Gaudi Alm was built, which during the winter season is the meeting point for many ski enthusiasts.

2001 A new, large children’s playground was built. It is well attended and appreciated by tourists and locals.

2003 4 reindeers from far North found a new home at the mountain station of the Croda Rossa/Rotwand, and the staff of the Croda Rossa/Rotwand cable car are taking good care of them.

2007 It was time to modernize the Rifugio Rudi which had been getting up in years. On Mai 15, 2007 the demolition was started. Thanks to the excellent work of the involved construction company and craftsmen the works proceeded well, and the building could be finalized by the end of October. On December 20, 2007 the opening took place. Today the Rifugio Rudi is successfully operated by Rudi, Flora, Andreas and Steffi.

Skiing at Monte CroceRudi Hütte - Rifugio todaySnow hiking


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